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5 Best Security Token Offering Platforms in 2021

Security Tokens are gaining more and more popularity with every passing month. Many exchanges have already started offering STOs to retail investors. However, these platforms are still limited and Security Tokens need more exposure to rise globally.

We researched various platforms and shortlisted five of them that allow you to invest in various STO projects that are just taking off. Out of all these platforms, the first three are most preferable due to their security, application and solid protocol layers.

1.    PolyMath

PolyMath offers an ethereum-based solution for security tokens. There are currently over 200 tokens deployed on their platform. The platform depends on their PolyMesh technology that is based on Blockchain. This technology was specially developed for trading Security Tokens.

The platform has its own native Token under the symbol POLY. If we breakdown PolyMath then it basically has four layers to ensure compliance with all the guidelines, these layers include:

  • Protocol layer
  • Application layer
  • Legal layer
  • Exchange layer

All computational processes happen on the Protocol layer. On the other hand, the application layer allows the creation of security tokens. Legal layer ensures that all guidelines are being met at the time of creation. The exchange layer in PolyMesh serves the most important purpose as it ensures the liquidity of assets for investors.

Highlighted Features

  • Platforms uses its PolyMesh technology which is based on Blockchain.
  • Four Layers of PolyMath ensure the security and easy liquidity of STO assets while meeting all the guidelines.
  • Hundreds of Security Tokens are already listed on the platform while many new tokens are currently lined up for launch.

2.    Swarm

Swarm is an SRC20-based platform that allows you to tokenize a range of assets. Ventures can raise capital without any extra platform costs. A large range of assets such as real estate and agricultural products can be tokenized through Swarm.

The platform uses SRC20 protocol which is pretty similar to ERC20 with some valid additions that makes Swarm’s protocol much more powerful. This protocol has some upsides including defined legal structures, assets location, and transfer rules.

Swarm is currently looking forward to adding Artificial Intelligence technology to their platform to enhance the user-experience. Swarm also has its own Token traded under the SWM symbol. Users can buy and stake their Tokens to earn more SWM or Ethereum.

Highlighted Features

  • Swarm makes it easy to create, tokenize and manage digital assets.
  • They do not charge anything for Fundraising projects.
  • They use the SRC20 protocol which is somehow an improved version of ERC20 with some added features.

3.    Securitize

Securitize makes it easy for individuals and companies to tokenize their assets by using end-to-end tools. The platform was developed with a goal to modernize capital markets using Blockchain technology.

The platform partnered up with some big companies including Blocktrade and SharesPost. Securitize also offers transfer-agent services as it is authorized by the SEC. Moreover, the platform incorporates third-party applications which allows clients to entirely customize their projects.

Highlighted Features

  • Securitize allows their users to customize their projects.
  • The platform is globally available for Security Token issuance.
  • The platform ensures the highest security of their client funds with excellent security features.

4.    Bankex

Bankex is a platform that aims to provide higher liquidity for hard assets like real estate or agricultural land. There are currently over 50,000 active users on their platform and they support 15 types of digital assets.

These digital assets are tokenized and distributed among the investors who can easily trade these assets any time without worrying about the liquidity. Bankex is an old player in the tokenization market and it is a fully compliant US platform that also has some bank partners.

Highlighted Features

  • The platform processes over 14k transactions per second which shows the popularity and reliability of Bankex.
  • Their app store offers over 50+ services integrated with digital asset custody.
  • Bankex currently supports over 15 types of digital assets.

5.    CapexMove

CapexMove is a debt tokenization platform that deals with the transparent lending processes with smooth experience for investors, issuers and stakeholders. CapexMove uses blockchain as the base for transparently issuing business debt by eliminating heavy costs.

The platform also relies on their ERC20 protocol that is responsible for the trading of tokenized debt. These tokens can be shifted to the secondary market and that clearly shows the transparency and flexibility of this platform.

Highlighted Features

  • CapexMove helps to reduce costs by a large percentage on tokenized debt.
  • Blockchain technology is used to ensure the transparency, flexibility and issuance of debt.
  • The ERC20 protocol is used for trading securities on their platform.

Which Platform to Choose?

There are currently over 200 STO projects listed on PolyMath that makes it one of the best STO platforms available. To make tokenized assets more secure, reliable, and fast to exchange, PolyMesh technology was developed with multiple layers. The SRC20 protocol used by Swarm also provides added functionality. Users can do their own research on recommended platforms to choose a suitable one.