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Sam Choksi

CEO – STO Search & Filter


Industry leading web platform for all things digital securities. Discover security token offerings, projects, and agency / service provider directory at We help provide advisory, marketing, and tokenization services through us and our partners in Thailand

CEO Interview

The casual progression of crypto technologies and my ability to develop web platforms for businesses naturally led me to build a robust web platform / resource for the industry.
The application to benefit people by allowing for a new opportunity of asset ownership
We have integrated with industry partners to facilitate awareness/adoption.
We have a knowledgable team and the flexibility to adapt to industry requirements.
We’re looking to connect with 1) Companies intending on running STOs and 2) Industry leaders in the tokenization space to discuss raising awareness of our space
Find your niche and execute better than others


In the future all commercially developed #properties will upgrade their ownership issuance process to digital security tokens.

Tokenised ownership offers a more efficient method of distribution, reassignment, #transparency, and #management.

#securitytokens #STO @STACKTheWealth

We (@Securitize ) hosted events in 4 locations around the globe in the last 24 hours. Salt Lake City (@RJNance ), Palo Alto (me), Madrid (@jserna ) and London (@mlemerle ). Also our fearless @notjk is in Shanghai this week. We are global.

Our CEO @LucFalempin and CCO Daniel Coheur spoke at ‘Digital Securities Alliance: Tokenization 2.0’ with @DLA_Piper, @euronext and @coindesk about tokenization’s impact on financial institutions last night.

#digitalsecurities #DigitalSecuritiesAlliance #tokenization

The security token market is expected to grow to $2t by 2030 with a 59% CAGR during 2019 – 2030!

Asset-backed #securitytoken raises is expected to outpace startup financing over the next 10 years.

Data provided by @_ChainPartners

Read the report:


Tokenized securities will bring a wave of financial innovation. E.g. you could now create a custom security consisting of coupon #5 from bond A, coupon #19 from bond B, coupon #27 from bond C, attach a derivative and offer it to investors that need a unique payout profile. Wow.

Take a moment today to remember and reflect. 🇺🇸❤️ #NeverForget

Fairly regulated security token / digital securities offering laws create opportunity to BRIDGE WEALTH GAPS by allowing all people to access and participate in regulated investment instruments.

#securitytokens #wealth #securitytoken #STO #securities #investments #business #risk

Taiwan’s #STO regulations are released!

It’s now that regulators need to rely upon one another to craft a safe environment for investors.

See the regulatory recap from @lexology here:

#securitytokens #securitytoken #Taiwan #Taipei #securities #assets

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