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Nico Konrad

CEO – DLT Capital


DLT Capital is an international blockchain and STO consultancy.

The multi-skilled team is composed of industry specialists with vast knowledge in STOs, traditional finance, blockchain programming, VC, Fintech and other related fields.

CEO Interview

For me, the rise in Bitcoin’s value and broader acceptance in 2017 got me excited about how this technology could change the securities industry.
The most interesting parts of this new security landscape are the increased efficiency and liquidity of capital markets as well as the opportunity to expand access to more investments opportunities for non-institutional investors.
DLT Capital offers experience and services in traditional corporate finance, exchange listings, regulated IPO, ICO, STOs. We also bring access to an international network of DLT (distributed ledger technology) experts in all relevant areas like crypto experienced lawyers, token auditors, etc. and currently focus on the STO-ecosystem in Liechtenstein as we are convinced that this is the one of the most developed in this area.
We focus on moving this space out of the Wild West and into a more professional footing. In 2019 we are already connecting with regulated crypto exchanges and DLT focused co-investors. If you want to talk investing, please be in touch!
Bring passion…and don’t forget about legal regulations.


Kicking of .@web3summit and .@BerBlockWeek with .@polkadotnetwork. Really keen in becoming a validator!

Am 4. Juni wird im Rahmen des Meetups “Blockchain & Crypto” Sergej Stein von DLT Capital über das Thema “Security Tokens: Die neuen Aktien auf der Blockchain” referieren.


everiToken public chain is launching their token, EVT, officially on Bit-Z, BitGet and BitForex. BitForex is the 5th biggest exchange by adjusted volume. Congrats to team!

For more information, visit https://t.co/AbS7fkBnBI or @everiToken

Amino has raised 1 million USDT, 13756 people participated in the IEO with a total subscription of over 10 million USDT. Congrats!

We are happy to support Amino (https://t.co/xHalxORD9s) as a partner.

If you are interested to conduct an IEO, reach out to us!

Have you seen our major results in year 2018? We have made a nice picture with key facts from them. Read the whole list of achievements and plans for 2019 here: https://t.co/MjFP3CNoGu

How was your year? What are your plans for 2019? Feel free to share!

Happy to announce our newest partnership with @DLT_Capital

DLT Capital is supporting projects in all financial aspects from business planning to #SecurityToken Offerings.

Together we are on the mission to create high quality standards for the industry!

We know how to apply our tech expertise to digital payments and we believe in secure future for the industry. Read how everyPay will set the high standard for the digital finance in token economy: https://t.co/SACFnC4xXg

Australian Payment Summit is on! Our Founder, @BradyEveriToken, was a speaker in two panels: ‘The State of Digital Currencies’ and ‘Blockchain in Payments’. It was a fantastic opportunity to share our vision on global tokenization and token economy solutions with everiToken.

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