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Vanbex Group was established in 2013 as a strategic communications organization to better tell the stories of companies in the blockchain industry.

Vanbex has since evolved into a professional services firm that specializes in all aspects of the blockchain industry. From grassroots marketing, application development, communications, strategy, public relations and operations consulting, Vanbex assists companies at any stage of growth.

Vanbex Labs, the in-house R&D division of the company, is building cutting edge blockchain technologies and creating products that have the ability to transform entire industries. Vanbex Labs offers organizations the accuracy, security, and trust that blockchain technology provides, and want to bring immediate and notable value through blockchain technology to people in everyday situations. Over the past few months, Vanbex Labs has been focused on the security token market. Providing an issuance platform for security tokens is a natural evolution as a response to shifting market demand.

CEO Interview

We used to work with many clients on their ICOs. In the recent years, we’ve noticed many clients coming to us, and expressing their interest in creating an STO. As a result, we have decided to transition into the STO space. As the crypto space involves, STOs will become the norm, as they are regulatory compliant. We will leverage our past experiences to build our own platform Rocket to meet market demands.
The transition to tokenization is similar to that of offline shopping to online shopping. We can leverage blockchain technology to ensure that securities can be issued in a digital form, and traded compliantly among investors. It helps eliminate the roles of a middleman, improve fundraising efficiency, and increase asset liquidity.
Rocket 2.0 is a platform for the issuance and management of digital tokens and the fundraising campaigns that derive from them. It handles all of the back-end smart contracts associated with the STO, providing a sleek visual interface for security token buyers. Companies can set up their STO in minutes, with or without any preexisting technical knowledge.

This makes Rocket a powerful all-in-one solution for customers to launch a security, lowering the cost to a fraction of that associated with traditional methods of securitization.

Security is a core component of Rocket’s functionality. All features and smart contracts have been thoroughly tested and subjected to rigorous third-party audits. Rocket also has accreditation, KYC / AML processes built into the product itself, providing compliance with the most important regulatory requirements.

Rocket enables issuers to host their funding round, set up their campaign, launch a unique landing page, and get featured in Rocket’s Token Showcase, which highlights some of the best current and upcoming offerings on Rocket platform. A funding round launched through Rocket is connected to an internal crypto-wallet which helps issuers track the amount raised, while the landing page will allow all potential investors to view the issuing company, token, and funding round details. The experience of investing on Rocket’s website is similar to shopping on Amazon, with the added benefit of merchant (issuer in this case) verification and built-in compliance measures. For investors, this means being able to invest in companies that are quality-controlled and pre-assessed for a secure platform.
We’re looking to network with companies that may want to issue a security token. Many companies may be interested in this, as it is a new and innovative way to find investors.

Also we’re interested in knowing more companies/people with a lot of cryptocurrency assets.
These are the demographic of people that may want to use our product – Crypto Taxes. It would solve a lot of logistics by calculating their capital gains in the shortest amount of time. This would save a lot of time and insure that their taxes are correct. By doing so, it will help them avoid any legal repercussions from improperly calculated taxes.
Get familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since there are not a lot of conventional information out there, it is essential to do your own research. Furthermore, make sure to reach out to influencers of the space, be it CEOs or crypto celebrities. Networking is your best friend when it comes to creating connections in the blockchain sector. This is a tight knit space and everyone knows each other. The more networks you have, the greater of you getting hired into the Digital Asset Scene.

Also, make sure to invest in cryptocurrencies as well. Even a couple dollar investment goes a long way to learning more about the space. As the saying goes, “doing is better than saying”, I know I learned about blockchain, much faster interacting and investing in Bitcoins and other cryptos. When you’re literally invested into something, you would care a lot more about doing a lot of extensive research on it.


We’re adding lots of exciting features onto Rocket 2.0! Here’s a sneak peak of our updated UX.
#STO #blockchain

We’re adding lots of exciting features onto Rocket 2.0! Here’s a sneak peak of our updated UX.
#STO #blockchain

Check out our updated Roadmap. There’s lots of exciting things to look forward to in the near future!
#STOs #blockchain

We re doing a live AMA with CEO @VanbexK on June 25th at 11am PST. Join our Telegram and ask questions regarding our latest news and developments!

STOs are subject to many of the same regulations as traditional securities. Heres the top terms that #securitytoken buyers need to know:

You’ve heard it before. We’ll say it again – know the #securitytoken space before you buy your way into it. To help you do just that we’ve compiled the top five terms you’re likely to come across in any #STO #whitepaper. Check them out 👉

Check out the latest @ToddShapiroShow to hear from our Senior Project Manager, Doug. His expertise, guidance and energy has helped to motivate he team to achieve yet another major release on Rocket 2.0 ahead of schedule. #STO #VanbexLabs

Check it out :

Our team has been working hard on building out even more capabilities for Rocket 2.0 #STO platform. Take it for a test drive and let us know what you think.

A common misconception of the security token industry is that it falls under the same umbrella as Bitcoin. Security Tokens have nothing to do with Bitcoin. The only similarity is that they both use blockchain as the underlying infrastructure for the token.

#securitytoken #sto

Learn how the #securitytoken model has the potential to disrupt the current financial system and contribute to a more #decentralized, transparent and fair society. #STO #IPO #BlockchainTechnology

Check it out at:

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Modern #STO platforms like Rocket offer users the ability to create an investment product and provide the easy online access and verification needed for more people to grow their wealth. #IPO #VanbexLabs

It’s that time of the year again! Happy #BitcoinPizzaDay🍕9 years ago, 2 pizzas were bought for 10.000 $BTC

Here’s some valuable #WednesdayWisdom to all those token issuers who are in the process of filing a Reg D … #RegD #Token #STO #Securities

Keep up to date on the hottest #STO trends with our market report!
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New regulations have projected the EU into leaders of the STO space.
#blockchain #STO #securities

Check out the teaser video for our latest blog on STOs in the EU!
#blockchain #STOs

Founder Interview: Lisa Cheng Founder of Vanbex on building blockchain solutions in an unstructured world.

Meet CryptoTaxes, our newly released product that simplifies Fintech profit calculations with a few button clicks.
#Taxes #cryptocurrency #trading #CPA

Did you hear? Rocket 2.0, the most user-friendly platform available in the STO market is ready to roll. Check it out here 👉 #sto #tokenization #securitytoken #digitalassets #cryptocurrency

Our FUEL airdrop trading comp is now on. If you’re an NTS holder you can share in 5 million FUEL. Details

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