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Danny Christ

CEO – Moonwhale Ventures


Moonwhale serves corporate clients globally on Blockchain Technology as Enterprise Solutions covering multi-industries, and is providing deal flows/ due diligence for funds and institutions on investment opportunities. Moonwhale is also a STO (Security Token Offerings) Advisory which will list advised projects on their STO Investment and Issuance Platform to institutional investors. We focus primarily on STO as alternative growth-financing ‘tokenization’ for SMEs and MNCs.


The (to be developed) Investment and Issuing Platform will cater to investors looking to invest in STO projects, and to companies looking to raise capital through STO´s to finance business expansion or new ventures. Companies will be offered strategic advice on STO process & structure, as well as token issuance incl. lifecycle management and secondary market on-boarding for our projects.



The STO – Asset Tokenisation market is projected to capture USD10tn by 2020. As investor in Moonwhale Ventures, you will be provided with several upcoming, multi-industry, seed investment opportunities in the Blockchain space, with a potential to achieve USD50m revenue within 5 years, 28x ROI and possible valuation of USD220m.




Previous work:

CEO Interview

Ultimately as an crypto investor since 2014, ERP/IT Consultant since 2014 it was a natural to move completely into Blockchain. Started with ICO/STO Advisory for Startups, Enterprise Blockchain Consulting for Businesses, and now building a platform for investors to securely invest in 100% vetted projects.

My full story here:
Cryptocurrency is Emerging as a New Asset Class: Security Token Market Projected to Become a $10tn+ Industry!
Tokenisation (soon) will allow fractional sales of real assets to everyone, enable new liquidity and disrupts financial services.
Our STO and Blockchain Advisory is already very successful. Now offering these project on a 1-click Investment Platform to Investors, who can be ensured that projects are valid and great opportunities is guarantee to success. After the ICO bubble, secure investing is on top priority, and we will offer a platform that allows that. On the other side, with an Investment (and Token Issuing) Platform we will add even more value to Blockchain/ STO Projects, a one-stop-shop from Business Planning to Token Economy, Marketing to Fundraising.
Primarily SMEs and MNCs in Asia and the USA. Cross-Industry since tokenisation can be applied for any asset for any firm, and Blockchain applications will find its way into value chains of various businesses.
Join and learn companies like Moonwhale. Companies with a wide range of expertise from trading, investing, regulations, offerings and a solid network. Then, enjoy the ride!


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Max 21 mil supply
36 mil millionaires in the world

May sound shallow but look at the upside potential of a scarce asset very similar to Gold

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