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BEST is envisioned as a way to democratize financing through targeted investments for specific therapeutic drug products. Tokenization will enable accredited investors the opportunity to invest directly in a single asset, Agenus’ anti-PD-1 antibody (AGEN2034), while preserving shareholder equity.


B.E.S.T is a revolutionary tool enabling accredited investors to invest in specific late stage products:

  • B.E.S.T will be built upon blockchain technology, B.E.S.T is NOT a cryptocurrency
  • The first B.E.S.T is offered for a late stage product, AGEN2034, a PD-1 antibody
  • All PD-1 molecules that entered late stage development have received FDA approval. AGEN2034, Agenus’ PD-1 is in late stage development for patients with advanced cervical cancer

Token sale completed on 13 March
Goal: 100,000,000 USD
Token Sale: 22 February — 13 March 2019
Fundraising Goal
Issuance Partner
Investor Requirements
Token Issue

Our #AI based Adaptive Learning Platform Systems (ALPS) designed to: Provide insights into #cancer biology; Help predict treatment responses; Identify novel targets for drug development; Help create personalized therapies for cancer patients. Read

Welcome Paulo Moreira @paulolmoreira as our Global Head of Clinical Operations!

We Welcome Dr. Manuel Hidalgo, MD, PhD @DrMhidalgo as Strategic Advisor!

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