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A unique project of the efficiently extract of noble and rare metals, silicon oxides, aluminum and iron from man-caused waste.

Transforming waste into a jewel – 1 ton – >$1000
The funds collected at the ICO are used to build a waste treatment plant with the subsequent extraction of high-purity (99.9%) oxides of silicon, aluminum, iron and precious metals. The technology is based on fluoridation and the use of a one-of-a-kind universal sorbent, which is tens of times cheaper than imported analogues


We recycle waste, saving the environment from pollution. From the mass of waste, we get a product of high cost. This becomes possible because of the use of a unique sorbent that extracts precious metals with maximum selectivity and is suitable for all types of waste. Today, this technology is absent at the market and has no analogues.

The purity of product is 99.9%, the degree of dispersion is from tens of nanometers to microns. The selectivity of the sorbent is 95%, its universality for all precious metals. Resumption and reuse of the main reagents during processing

Placement and replication of production in any country and region of the world. Ready solutions with a capacity from 5 000 to 1 000 000 tons per year for the processing of ash and pyrite cinders. Adaptation of technologies for various types of waste (SDW, TKO, etc.). Franchise. Ready-made business “on a ready-to-operate basis”

Consumers of non-ferrous metals, including the state, refining companies, electronics manufacturers, manufacturers of cosmetics, medicines, toothpastes, rubber products, composite materials, paints, paper, building mixtures and much more, including agriculture

One of our universal sorbent is 10 times cheaper than each of the imported analogues. Low cost of raw materials: extraction of a certain element from waste is from 5 to 15 times cheaper than at a special deposit

The release of tens of thousands of hectares of territories irretrievably lost under the waste. Does not pollute the environment (atmosphere, water, soil). The 4th and 5th groups of waste: non-toxic and with no need for additional permits for functional. The sorbent is organic

Internal rate of return is from 733%. The cost of raw materials is 10 $ / t., The cost of the products received is from $ 1000 / t. Return of investments in 1 year 8 month after the start of the Pre-ICO. Revenue from 100% per annum for investors from the nominal value of the token

100% decomposition of ash dumps into components is the final products. At processing of ash dumps, only 2 reagents are used: ammonium fluoride and ammonia. At processing of pyritic cinders, the technology is used with recycling of the main reagent – ammonium chloride. It is possible to integrate the facility into the existing ecosystem, including the absorption of industrial and domestic waste

Attention!After successful pre-ICO Angenium project applied to SEC (USA) to obtain additional advantages for the project stockholders. The main ICO is rescheduled to the second half of January 2019. Follow the additional info in our telegram.

Token sale will start 01 July
Goal: 2,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper
Token Sale: 01 July — 31 December 2019

🏦 For the safety of our investors and in order to accurately assemble the Hard Cap at the main stage of the ICO, we decided to register with the 💹 SEC ( In this regard, we have decided to postpone the main stage of the ICO for 2-2.5 months.

It is already the fourth week of #PreICO project #Angenium. And if you are interested in our project, but for some reason are still in meditation, we advise you to hurry.

Do not miss the opportunity to become a member of a #uniqueproject that is not in the #world of equal!

Investors tend to trust professionals who have a good name, and good advisers will never take up a project with bad fame or dubious prospects.

📲To get acquainted with the advisers of the project #Angenium, you can go to our website

🚀Friends, I want to share good news!
💎Soft cap we have collected!
🧠Without waiting for the hard cap collection, we order from the supplier the necessary equipment for the capacity of the plant at 10.000 ⛏ tons per year
📆 Before the end of the Pre-ICO, there was one week left

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