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BatteryStorage is a blockchain-based renewable energy project that aims at providing a reliable, non-volatile source of energy while also conducting mining operations. First UK based battery storage blockchain STO coming soon.

Security Token Offering (STO)
The new era of ICOs gives investors an opportunity to invest into securitized tokens via the security token offerings (STO). Based on the Ethereum’s ERC20 standard, BatteryStorage is planning to launch a Security type of token – BSO. The world’s biggest crypto exchanges are already creating ways and platforms to trade security tokens. They give investors the ability to receive real income – not a possibility.

Maintaining the UK’s National Grid
BatteryStorage will propose countless solutions to help the United Kingdom’s National Grid issues by establishing a 60 MW battery storage facility. Having the biggest aggregators from the UK, BatteryStorage will provide solutions to the UK’s energy market problems such as Frequency Response, Capacity, Triad, Grid Balancing and Distribution avoidance. Our team and partners have many years of practical experience in the renewable energy sector to resolve these problems.

Double income benefits for BSO token holders
BatteryStorage project will guarantee a sustainable income for the BSO Security token holders. Unlike any other competitors BSO token holders will not only receive a stable monthly income from the mining operation but will also be eligible to yearly profits from the BatteryStorage operation.

Token sale will start 01 July
Goal: 13,500,000 EUR
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Token Sale: 01 July — 31 December
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