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The newly founded company edeXa AG (Vaduz) automates supply chain processes that are handled transparently and securely via blockchain. edeXa is a subsidiary of the successful high-tech company io-market AG. Shares in this business model of the future can now be acquired in a unique security token sale. Now io-market goes one step further and links its software solutions with blockchain technology. For this new line of business, io-market founded the company edeXa AG, which will be one of the first companies worldwide to offer its thousands of existing customers the concrete processing of real transactions on the Blockchain.

The Blockchain technology enables electronic invoices to be stored in a forgery-proof manner because manipulations of documents are immediately detected and prevented by dozens of decentralized servers. This high level of security without central intermediaries is one of the special advantages of modern blockchain technology. In future, orders, invoices, and all accompanying messages can be exchanged efficiently via the edeXa network. The blockchain makes it possible that no external service provider has to monitor these processes anymore, but the network relies on built-in, decentralized security mechanisms.

Subsequent intervention in the documents is therefore technically no longer possible. External software manufacturers and service providers can also integrate their services on the edeXa blockchain and offer them to customers. io-market AG and edeXa AG are proud to be able to win a long-established Liechtenstein bank to accompany the Security Token Sale. The cooperation between the two high-tech companies io-market and edeXa is a logical step for Liechtenstein in the application of Blockchain technology, which recently won the “Blockchain Ecosystem of the Year” award at the Crypto Challenge Forum in London.

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