FITBLOX, a health, fitness, and social community platform built on the EOS blockchain, combining incentive-based rewards and social media monetization. The FITBLOX DApp will empower users to monetize both their fitness journey and social media experience by utilizing a unique stake-weighted voting system which encourages users to participate in a motivational advancement model. FITBLOX is the intersection of user monetized social media and secure fitness tracking technology enabled by the EOS blockchain.

The FITBLOX DApp will enable users to control their own data & content by providing access to secure fitness tracking technology merged with an immersive incentive-based rewards social media experience. Their DApp will leverage DPOS as the basis for our stake-weighted voting system which will enable content creators to be rewarded by the community for sharing useful content. FITBLOX will offer users access to a symbiotic marketplace for health and fitness products and content, creating a 360° user experience.

Token sale completed on 30 March
Goal: Not set
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Token Sale: 01 November — 30 March 2019
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