Blockchain 4.0 for business. Powerful, fast, secure and scalable, with a test net already developed and available. genEOS is the decentralized ecosystem that lets businesses design and launch their own blockchain applications, backed by a blockchain service provider ready to build Dapps to order.

genEOS is a business and technology ecosystem that enables blockchain adoption for its members. The ecosystem environment intends to provide enterprise software development tools to technology members of the ecosystem, for the purpose of building and operating decentralized applications (“Dapps”) at enterprise scalability, interoperability, and performance.

Many entrepreneurs, technologists, fintech professionals, venture capitalists, and blockchain aficionados envision a transition to blockchain transforming business. The technology has the potential to optimize business processes, automate record-keeping and establish fully transparent, secure, distributed, decentralized, and scalable business applications that are easy to use, delivering a big competitive advantage.

At the time of writing this paper, however there are still significant obstacles preventing widespread adoption amongst the business community.


These obstacles could be characterized as:

• Mission Critical Application Business Owners: Unable to use blockchain technology due to inefficient transaction processing rates.
• Commercial Application Business Owners: Unable to focus on adoption due to scarce and expensive expert resources.
• Small Business Owners: Unable to focus on adoption due to high barriers of entry. • Blockchain Subject Matter Experts: Unable to focus on implementation of blockchain technology due to focus on trading nature of Bitcoin and altcoins.
• Technology Professionals: Unable to focus on building blockchain Dapps due to lack of Integrated Development Environment.


We firmly believe that the genEOS ecosystem will be able to address the obstacles described above and focus on building a community that will unite business and technology professionals, who will together realize the power of blockchain technology, and further may integrate it with other next-generation technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to drive adoption in the business environment.

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Dear genEOS supporters,
📢 We are glad to inform you that the refund process for the genEOS crowdsale has been completed.
✔️ STO participants were returned the whole amount of their investment.
🙏 Thank you for your continuous support of the genEOS project.

genEOS crowdsale finished. Check out information for investors:
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