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NETZ is developed by the team that over 36 years has partaken in over 200 successful projects with zero defaults, at a cost of $30 billion in project finance capital.

NETZ is now introducing their NETZ Coin, a 2.0 Generation Security token.

NETZ enables open access to all Investors into high yielding of Energy Power Plants, which has historically only been accessible to Multibillion Energy Corporations and Funds


NETZ is launched and developed by Net Zero Enterprises, a Renewable Power Plant Asset Developer originating from Sweden with a 36 year track record of developing and delivering risk mitigated, best in class Power Plant Assets.

Netzero Coin Logo Net Zero Enterprises delivers consistent +25% IRR returns to Net Zero Enterprises Private Equity Shareholders in their projects worldwide. To date, Net Zero Enterprises has taken part in over 200 projects with zero defaults.

Netzero Coin LogoThe evolution into NETZ is the combination of a successful asset developer owner with the results and capabilities of a high performing midsize fund with the additional effects and synergies that results in 1+1=3

Netzero Coin LogoIn addition, NETZ provides full transparency as to the performance and financial results through unaltered blockchain reporting.

Token sale will start 01 July
Goal: 7,500,0000 USD
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Token Sale: 01 July — 31 December 2019
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