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The first company to conduct its Equity Token Offering (ETO) through Neufund is Fifth Force GmbH (which is underlying company of Neufund). The offering will start on November 27th with a whitelist subscription period, and end on December 15th after seven days of public sale (that will start December 9th). Fifth Force GmbH is the official platform operator of Neufund, an end-to-end solution for securities tokenization and issuance. We will announce the details of the offering on November 27th alongside the ETO’s listing page on the platform.

So far, we have onboarded over 3,000 investors from 91 countries and announced seven companies to conduct Equity Token Offerings in the coming months. Fifth Force’s ETO will serve as a test drive for Neufund’s set of protocols.

“More than a year ago we made a promise to conduct the first ever legally binding offering of tokenized equity on Blockchain in 2018 and we remain true to that plan. The first ETO will be the ultimate showcase of our product,” said Neufund co-founder and CEO, Zoe Adamovicz, regarding the announcement.

Token sale completed on 16 December
3,850,000 USD 3,850,000 USD 100%
Token Sale: 02 December — 16 December 2018
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