Investment, Real Estate

Realecoin™, the world’s first real estate fund built on the Ethereum blockchain, announces a partnership with Securitize, the compliance platform for digitizing securities on the blockchain, to facilitate a distribution of tokens and the management of its offering.

The Realecoin Token, RC™, is planned to represent a fractional ownership interest in Realecoin, a diversified real estate fund. The Realecoin token is designed to provide liquidity to an otherwise traditionally illiquid investment vehicle. Realecoin aims to addresses the challenges of liquidity, transparency, and accessibility in the real estate industry through this method, and these ideals are echoed in Securitize’s market aims. Realecoin provides holders of cryptocurrencies, and other investors, the opportunity to buy into a fully compliant tokenized real estate investment fund that invests in multi-family assets and non-performing mortgage loans across the United States.

Token sale will start 01 July
Goal: Not set
Token Sale: 01 July — 31 December 2019
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