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Scientificсoin is a unique decentralized platform for scientific development based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Scientific Coin Inc is owned by several well-known scientists and founders of various successful startups. Scientific Coin Inc is a parent company which has subsidiaries in Switzerland – an authorized cryptocurrency company, and Russia – the creator of the software, mathematical algorithms and other intellectual property. Projects will be able to raise the required funds, and investors will be able to reliably assess profitability and risk through our decentralized panel of experts.

Given the high reliability of expert opinion, a project with a good rating will be capable of attracting the necessary funding without spending on advertising. Each project that reached its funding goal through Scientificcoin platform pays 5% of the amount collected back to the platform, and these funds are distributed annually between Scientificcoin holders.

The uniqueness of this platform is in its use of a hybrid system for assessing scientific projects. A mathematical algorithm in combination with project assessments from a decentralized community of experts provides a highperformance indicator for the platform operation. The algorithm provides a quantitative estimation of the project’s value while the expert community provides a qualitative estimation.

The scientific council of Scientificcoin consists of an unlimited number of decentralized citizens from any country possessing different skills, knowledge, experience, and mentality. Each expert will obtain a reward, which is determined by the degree of involvement, rank, and quality of assessment.

The algorithm corrects the results of people’s assessment in any direction in accordance with tried and tested solutions being used today in stock exchanges, insurance and investment companies.

Scientificcoin allows private investors to invest their capital in scientific projects without intermediaries. Anyone can act as an expert for a reward and engage in mining with Scientificcoin.

Token sale will start 01 July
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Token Sale: 01 July — 31 December 2019
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Amazing news in the field of AI! A neural network distinguished between different quantities of things, even though it was never taught what a number is: Meet more innovations on

#Africa, here we are. We are presenting the #ScientificCoin and #HealthMonitor projects at the Blockchain, AI & Digital Assets Conference in Lagos, #Nigeria on May 24-25th ( ). Next stop is #Kenya. #science #crowdfunding

The SaintificCoin team will present the project as a sponsor at the crypto meetup in Amsterdam on May, 19th. We will also show our innovative Health Monitor device, participants will be able to test their health with one breath.

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