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Sports Ledger: a revolutionary platform that will empower a wave of innovation in the world of sports, allowing users to access an innovative, data-driven platform that utilizes the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Smart Contracts. The future of sports, providing access to a variety of services and rewarding users who contribute towards the success of the ecosystem.

Token sale completed on 21 February
Goal: 194,000 ETH
Token Sale: 27 December — 21 February 2019
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1. As blockchain technology continues to develop, @NickFriend1 went to meet West Brom star and blockchain entrepreneur @RobsonKanu to discuss the peer-to-peer transaction technology and its capacity to transform the sports industry #CryptoNews #SportsBiz

A pleasure to sit down and chat with @RobsonKanu about his new business venture and blockchain technology's potential to revolutionise the sports industry. Not your typical interview, but then not your typical international footballer.

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