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StartMark – the simplest way to invest in German startups.’ The startup scene is booming all over the world. Small ideas are turning into companies worth millions that are helping shape a social transformation. But there are also financial bottlenecks that prevent some brilliant ideas from getting out of the starting gate, particularly where early-stage financing is concerned. Business angels or high-capital companies (venture capital firms) usually invest with an eye towards a quick return on investment.


This makes them predominantly risk-averse. As a consequence, many German innovations either emigrate to Silicon Valley or do not materialise at all. This in turn impairs Germany’s overall economic development. We at StartMark believe that there are two particularly relevant aspects involved in establishing Germany as a global force for innovation: (1) Earlystage financing options must be made more accessible to founders of startups, and (2) Investments must not be confined to an elite group of investors.


To date, there has been virtually no way for private small investors, with limited capital flexibility and at times insufficient expertise, to invest in this exciting market. With the introduction of the StartMark, one of the first German security tokens, we offer a unique solution to the current problems facing the startup sector and offer a broad group of potential investors the opportunity to share in the country’s most innovative startups.


With StartMark, the innovative German security token, you as an investor can use cryptocurrency to conveniently, quickly and securely acquire shares in up-and-coming German startups. At the same time, you are creating the conditions for early-stage financing for innovative German projects. Investors can share in the success of these companies early on, through profit distribution and share prices. In contrast to the typical and occasionally overhyped cryptocurrencies of recent years, StartMark is a security token and tied to a real equivalent value.


StartMark stands for transparent and secure investment processes. We view it as our mission to democratise innovation and to provide any interested party, regardless of income, status or education, access to and a share in successful ideas for a modern future. It should be noted that any type of investment transaction can involve financial risks and may not be suitable for every investor.


The potential consequences are listed in the risk disclosures of StartMark GmbH presented in Section 10. The securities prospectus of StartMark GmbH forms the legal basis for the StartMark Security Token


Token sale is active until 04 July
Goal: 50,000,000 EUR
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Token Sale: 08 August — 04 July 2020
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