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The Best Jurisdictions for STO in 2021

ICO was considered the best way to raise capital, but Security Token Offerings or STOs seem to replace it sooner or later. These tokens are backed by actual projects and companies that are willing to raise capital from the general public.

As these tokens collect investments from the public, hence many governments are already regulating these tokens, especially in some of the world’s largest economies.

STO Jurisdiction – Defined

Every country has its own jurisdictions and laws to raise investments, and many of them do not appreciate the Blockchain framework or Crypto concept to raise capital for business purposes. A suitable jurisdiction for an STO is a country with a legal certainty on STOs.

Choosing a Suitable Jurisdiction

In order to assess the jurisdictions of a country regarding STOs, these factors should be considered:

  • Regulatory Regime
  • Taxation System
  • Setup Costs
  • Skilled Labour

If any country supports all of these four factors with regards to STO requirements, then it possibly holds the suitable STO jurisdiction. Such countries are discussed in detail later in this article.

5 Best STO Jurisdictions

Based on our analysis, these five are the most suitable locations with the best STO jurisdictions:


With the adoption of specific legislation such as the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act of 2018, Malta emerged as the first jurisdiction to implement a detailed legislative framework for the issuance of Security Tokens.

Their other acts, such as the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act, 2018 and the Virtual Financial Assets Act, clearly show that Malta is a suitable country for Crypto enthusiasts and project owners.

Under the VFAA Act, Malta uses a financial instrument test to evaluate investments to determine whether they may be tokenized. Considering these factors, Malta is a safe haven for STO projects.


  • Tax benefits for STO companies who adhere to the laws and regulations.
  • Malta is the Hub for STOs because the country Jurisdictions help Startups to launch their STOs
  • The country has a tax refund policy for corporates.


A stronghold of stability, Switzerland has long served as a safe space for businesses operating in the financial industry. Businesses operating in the crypto sphere here are regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), having long supported financial innovation and technologies.

Switzerland was always positive regarding the acceptance of Cryptocurrencies since 2014. FINMA is the regulatory body in Switzerland that holds the right to approve the STOs as per their laws that actually support it.


  • STO projects are supported and regulated by FINMA legal bodies.
  • The country itself supports Crypto for many years.

United States

A certain type of securities offerings is exempted from securities regulations in the USA despite the country’s strictest securities laws in the world. All these exemptions come under Private Placements (Rule 506(b)), Rule 504 (Limited offerings), and Rule 506(c).

STOs are popular in the United States, where one of the largest markets for securities is located, and they can be made compliant with exemptions with assistance from legal experts. To hold a Security Offering, all startups must first register with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in order to comply with the appropriate rules.


  • The tax rate is around 21% but further reductions are possible for LLC registered companies.
  • The regulations vary from state to state, and some states provide a friendly regulatory environment for STOs.
  • The STO projects can also potentially grab the attention of a dedicated community while in the US.

Cayman Islands

As defined in the Securities Investment Business Law of the Cayman Islands, you may only be permitted to offer STOs to “sophisticated persons” who are allowed to invest in an STO in the Cayman Islands.

In their Securities Investment Business Law, they address a high-value investor as a sophisticated person. However, the general public is not allowed to invest.


  • The Cayman Islands has an excellent taxation structure suitable for STOs.
  • No extra duties are charged from the companies doing business there.
  • The lack of taxation allows companies to hold STOs, access their funds, and work on their project.


Recently, Lithuania introduced regulations that enable users to trade security tokens easily. The Finance Minister released broad security token regulations that cover auditing, taxation, issuance, and compliance.

EU officials have announced that STOs would be governed by securities laws, which means they would have to submit a prospectus. The project is to be passed by Lithuanian officials in order to decide whether it should be approved or not.


  • The country has low business tax rates.
  • The official authorities offer institutional support for STOs
  • Free consultation from the supervisor of financial markets.

To Sum Up

A suitable STO jurisdiction must possess a good regulatory framework and taxation infrastructure. The above-mentioned countries comprise these valid points, which makes a suitable choice for STO projects. However, a detailed review of their laws and regulations is vital for everyone. Don’t forget to do some research before choosing the best jurisdiction for your project!