Risk Policy


This Policy sets forth some of the material risks involved with investment opportunities as described on this website (the “Site”).  We invite you to read this policy carefully, in order to understand certain risks and uncertainties involved.  The Site describes block-chain, digital securities, security tokens, real estate, venture capital and other investment opportunities online.  Importantly, you may not receive your expected capital returns and your investment may be at risk.


Each investment has different target entry and exit periods.  These dates are only estimates, that is, the actual date on which any capital returns or profits are to be repaid to you may change without notice.

In some cases, you may be able to sell your investment to a prospective buyer, and yet should be aware that you might only be able to liquidate your Investment at a loss, or you might not be able to sell your investment back at all.

If you choose to wait until the relevant project is complete, such undertaking could take a significant amount of time.  As such, any investment decision you make based on the Site should only be considered as a long-term investment.

No Capital Returns

Any investments you make on the Site may not produce regular capital returns.  Because the underlying uncertainties and risks associated with each investment, you may only receive a return on your investment, if capital returns were achieved upon successful completion.  The returns effectively paid to you (if any) in relation to any investment will be subject to each specific purpose vehicle in relation to which you have made an investment able to be repaid.  Capital returns and other profits will be subject to applicable fees, taxes and withholdings, afterwards they may be paid.

Loss of Capital

Any possible returns on any investment opportunity may increase or decrease and cannot be ultimately guaranteed.  Many factors will affect the final value of any investment, and you may not receive any returns, or you may receive a capital return substantially less than estimated, or you may lose your capital therefor.

No Advice

Neither STO Search nor its affiliates, licensors, owners, subsidiaries, brands or advertisers are a professional advisor in any industry.  The functionalities and results displayed within the Site are out of your effective day-to-day control and they may or will vary, without prior notice or without any notice at all, and will depend on a variety of factors out of your control.  Your use of any information and/or materials on this Site is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be held liable.

STO Search is not a money services business, money transmitter and/or issuer of currency, nor does it create any kind of units of convertible virtual currency.  For the avoidance of doubt, STO Search does not offer any service that entails the exploitation of legal tender currency, nor the storage or transmission of cryptocurrency or conversion into legal tender.


Any investment made on the Site and elsewhere should only be made as part of a diversified investment portfolio including a mixture of liquid and illiquid assets.  Investing smaller amounts in multiple investments is a rule of thumb in many industries, which is intended to help you spread any risk.

Uncertain Entry and Exit

The underlying asset of your investment may need to liquidated due to a plethora of unforeseen circumstances.  In such circumstances you will be given prior notice of this liquidation, as possible. In such case, you may receive back substantially less than the amount invested or even no return of capital at all.  On the other hand, your return may accelerate and, henceforth, you might receive your capital returns and a profit earlier than expected, which may cause anticipated taxable income.  Market conditions and the investor activities will all affect your expected return. 


You should consult with a specialized tax advisors experienced on the type of investments you decide to make.  Any investment opportunity carries tax contingencies, depending on your tax residence and tax structure now and in the future.

Regulatory Risk

It is difficult to predict how or whether any legislative or regulatory authorities may implement changes to law and regulation affecting distributed block-chain ledger technology and its applications.  Regulatory bodies may negatively impact STO Search and any investment opportunities thereinto, including but not limited to, additional registration, costs and/or licensing requirements on individuals and entities.  Lastly, changes to laws or regulations, could determine the unlawfulness of operating such investment in any jurisdiction.

Inherent Risk

Cryptocurrencies are highly speculative assets, and do not constitute a regulated financial investment. Analysis and calculation of hypothetical income potential referred to in any documentation provided, are for reference and for demonstrative purposes only, and cannot be construed as any form of guarantee that any mentioned results will be achieved.  Cryptocurrencies are not insured by any government body which could answer to the general public.  Cryptocurrencies are a recent and untested technology.  In addition to the risks mentioned on this Site and in any documentation, there may be additional risks that STO Search cannot predict.

Cryptocurrencies entail inherent regulatory uncertainty, and block-chain related systems are or may be subject to regulation and overseeing by different regulatory authorities through the world. Cryptocurrencies may fall under one or more categories that require compliance therewith, including but not limited to restrictions on the use, possession and/or transmission of digital tokens

In addition, investment in cryptocurrencies may entail loose of access to any ledger, risk of loss of password or key, risk of theft of identity or theft of access means, risk of ledger network problems and even permanent inoperability of ledger, risk of hard-fork development, risk of loss of access to your wallet or tokens, risk of your token value diminishing to zero, risk of lack of success of the platform, risk of attack of platform such as double-spend attacks, majority mining power attacks, “selfish-mining” attacks, and rare condition attacks, and/or risk of cryptographic and/or computer resources advances that would allow third parties to take control of the entire platform.

No insurance

Some or all of the investments described or offered through the Site are uninsured by government, insurance and/or financial institutions.  If you do not get private insurance, you will have no recourse on this regard.

Date of last effective update is April 15, 2020.