Understanding Swarm: Tokenization, Market Access Protocol & $SWM Explained



We’ve been quite interested in the developments of Swarm lately; Their open infrastructure allows businesses to build upon their technology.

In their arsenal of technology, they host a tokenization platform, a market access protocol, and the SWM utility token. Let’s dive in deeper.



People looking to tokenize digital securities and assets can utilize Swarm’s issuance platform. The platform allows issuers to define fundraising rules, restrictions, compliance requirements, and goals.

Offerings will be available to investors qualified via Swarm’s Market Access Protocol KYC layer. Invite more participants to join Swarm’s pool of MAP qualified investors.

Once fundraising objectives have been reached; users must supply SWM tokens to deploy and mint security tokens.

Once your stake is set, tokens may be distributed to investors and funds released.


Market Access Protocol

Understanding Swarm’s Market Access Protocol is easier than you think; Consider the MAP as the core technology to connect & share information via blockchains & APIs.

Multiple layers allow for simultaneous checks and transactions within the network.

The MAP is easy to use and offers compliance, privacy, incentives built in.

Swarm invites the security token community to collaborate, grow the market, and establish the ecosystem by leveraging their open protocol.


$SWM Token

The SWM token powers the Swarm ecosystem.

    • Tokens are staked to release funds after a successful STO
    • Token issuers earn rewards against staked SWM tokens
    • Masternode operators earn rewards for performing crucial network functions
    • SWM tokens are used for network voting; Voice your opinion on how the Swarm network should be run.


To learn more about The Swarm Fund; subscribe to their channels below

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Swarm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swarmalliance

Telegram: https://t.me/swarmfund



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