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[INTERVIEW] Moonwhale Ventures x beQ – Redefining Social Interactions with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is changing the ways of how we look at digitization of assets in modern-day businesses. Technologies like Smart Contracts and cryptographic security features enable the market to come up with new ventures and, at the same time, gain the trust of the users.

Moonwhale Ventures is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Platform. Moonwhale helps Enterprises to identify potential applications of Blockchain technology in their value chains.

Moonwhale Investment Platform is a brilliant way for investors to invest in fractions of companies or Commercial Real Estate, securely. By digitization of assets, such as preferred shares, Moonwhale helps Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) in raising capital for growth-financing. The team at Moonwhale is specialized in Security Token Offerings (STO), and assisting you in running a successful campaign. Moonwhale will help you identify opportunities, assess the risks, and then create your token and launch it on the platform.

Moonwhale encourages the use of Blockchain for your business to help you reduce complexity, and expand or refinance your business through Tokenization. Blockchain dramatically reduces the cost, and features like incorruptibility and decentralization makes it a safe, secure, and trustworthy infrastructure for many businesses.

Last year Moonwhale Ventures added beQ as its newest client in the social networking space. beQ is an indoor navigation app with a “waze-like” feature that helps you in connecting with people around you. The app will remove the hurdles of starting a conversation with people you are interested in. High precision positioning technology and matching principal will enable the people to become “visible” in your space. beQ will help to create communities of likeminded people and other social interaction benefits.

Being online connected 24/7 is a blessing but also makes easily forget real-world interactivities, hence beQ platform and app will bring-back together people meetups in the real world.

Moonwhale Founder and CEO, Danny Christ.

[Interview] Moonwhale Ventures x beQ

Q: What hurdles do you see the business face when they want to convert to Blockchain, and how Moonwhale could help them?

A: In general, Blockchain Technology and Tokenization is still an early industry. Often we have to explain from the very beginning on what it is and how does it work, before we even talk about applications, advantages and disruption. This can be difficult with corporates with little time on their hand. Moonwhale provides a lot of educational content, explaining everything from Token to Supply Chain application in our blog to slowly educate the world 🙂

Q: What advice do you have for new small startups interested in launching their ICO or STO?

A: Startups are suited for ICO – if, and only if there is Blockchain Technology involved in their businesses. Otherwise, the investor will have no benefit or high risk with a potential useless coin… Operating businesses however have a great new way of tokenizing their shares/ equity and raise funds. For investors digital representations of shares (the token) is super interesting as it can be traded on secondary markets, hence your capital is not tight-up until exits/ M&A. This new early liquidity is a main advantage of Digital Assets.

Q: What initiatives are being taken by Moonwhale to encourage businesses to convert to Blockchain?

A: As mentioned, we publish a lot of content in our blog or on our Linkedin We also offer 20min Free Consulting to allow curious companies to explore and ask any question they like on STO or Blockchain (

Q: How prepared Moonwhale is to cope up with advancing and changing trends of blockchain technology?

A: We are well connected and spend 24/7 in the Blockchain space. I think we aggregate most of the news, and are always up to date on cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology and Security Token Offerings.

Q: How the recent acquirement of beQ as a client will help the users of the application?

A: beQ as a mix of Google-Maps and Linkedin will help individuals to meet and match for business opportunities, jobs, or other meetups. The details of the indoor mapping and capabilities to explore shops and businesses opens up new ways of targeted advertising for firms. beQ connects people, products and places.

Q: Where could we learn more about Moonwhale and its upcoming ventures?

A: Best is to follow us on Linkedin

Q: Any final thoughts you would like to share?

A: Especially, in these times of crisis, liquid investment opportunities are very useful. Everyone can now own a fraction of a top company, a square-meter of rent-yielding commercial real estate, or Gold-ownership in the form of a token…tradable, portable, secure and immutable.

A big thank you to Mr. Danny Christ for his time to bring us these informative answers.