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5 Things You Should Do After a Successful STO Campaign

  • Even after an STO has been completed, it’s important to keep up activity in order for your business to succeed
  • It’s vital to keep marketing and developing plans for growth
  • Focus on consolidating relationships with existing investors while promoting yourself to new ones, and ensure that you do everything by the book

No matter what kind of fundraising activity you are doing, it is going to be complicated. However, with the use of security token offerings (STOs), those activities are greatly simplified. But when an STO campaign has been completed, what do you do afterwards? Should you take a break from the hard work or keep on going? 

In this article, we’ll talk about how to manage your business after completing an STO.

1. Keep Marketing

Marketing and STO campaigns go hand in hand. One cannot survive without the other, and the more you market your company, the more successful your campaigns will be. The great thing about STOs is that they allow both traditional and digital investors (those using cryptocurrencies) to join in on your fundraiser. 

With that in mind, always try your best to market to both parties. Even if you’ve reached your targeted amount of money, do not stop marketing. The fact is that you will always be needing money to make sure that your company grows steadily.

2. Satisfy Investor Expectations

Investors take a prudent approach to decision-making when it comes to investments. If they put money on your STO, they’ll expect you to do a few things for them in return. 

First, they will expect you to keep up with your business plan. You must execute the plan as agreed, and demonstrate that you’re carrying it out professionally. Second, investors expect that you will always incorporate plans to grow and expand your business. Because of this, you have to analyze your company’s current situation, understand upcoming risks, and develop a plan to move your business forward. 

3. Keep it Going

After all that hard work, you may be tempted to sit back and relax for a while. However, reality demands that you keep moving forward. After the fundraising, your job will be to create a long-term goal that you will try to achieve. 

Remember, success doesn’t come about when nothing is happening. To make sure that your business continues being successful, you need to keep planning and reaching. Never settle for less, but always work hard for more. You cannot afford to leave your business to rot as you wait for something to happen.

4. Build Relationships

Even once fundraising is completed, it doesn’t mean that you can start ignoring your investors. You have to continue building and maintaining consistent communication with them to keep them informed. The more you tell them about how their investments are helping your company thrive, the likelier they’ll be back to support you during your next fundraiser.

5. Don’t Step Out of Line

Make sure that you continue operating under rules, laws and regulations so that your company stays legal. By keeping to your contracts and agreements—maintaining a stream of dividends, allowing shareholders to vote, and more—you keep your business out of trouble. 

Continue to market your products and continuously develop plans to keep your business growing. Build relationships with new investors and create stronger ties with older ones. Finally, make sure that everything you’re doing is done according to the rules. That way, you ensure that your business will continue enjoying repeated success after your STO campaigns have ended.

If you’re looking to learn more about STOs and how to create successful campaigns, get in touch with STO Filter to see how we can help!