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9 Security Token Listing Websites for Maximum STO Exposure

What is a Security Token Offering?

Security tokens offerings are a bridge for companies to raise capital while issuing equity, profit sharing, dividends, or voting rights to investors. In this way, they are very different from utility tokens, whose value remains purely theoretical, until the application itself is developed. In addition, STOs must fully comply with regulatory standards, which allows for global investors to participate in the project, and at the same time not violate the laws on the securities of their states.

Another important aspect of STOs is that companies are required to create lists of accredited and unscrupulous individuals (so-called whitelists and blacklists), which helps companies comply with KYC (know-your-customer) requirements. The requirements of open information help STO to effectively solve one of the most serious problems of selling utility-tokens — it increases corporate responsibility, reduces the chance of fraud and offers the protection of depositors’ rights in the event of a company bankrupt.

STOs are subject to strict rules, and therefore avoid the “lawless” approach to fundraising, where companies simply set themselves the goal of collecting as much as possible and do not bother about where this money comes from. Plus, these rules create a real investment opportunity for institutional investors, which can lead to a large influx of funds into the blockchain industry.

How to Find Security Offerings to Invest

The security talking offerings take place in a global environment. The best way to find and compare different offerings is to visit STO listing websites. To ensure maximum exposure, they contain all the necessary information about the STO. How do these listing websites work?

These platforms collect the data about the new security talking offerings and act like a library or a database. You are able to search them using the keywords or sort by name, date, and regions. In addition, most platforms provide the email list. Just add your email address and get the timely notifications about the new STOs.

9 Best Security Token Listing Websites

STO Search & Filter

The platform provides the database of more than 80 digital security token offerings from more than 30 industries located in almost 20 countries. Despite it is the largest database among the digital securities scene, its team is working hard to expand its number and the platform is in process of making the new agreements to include the new products in the database.

The platform philosophy is to provide the most reliable information from respected industry leaders while providing honest details about digital security offerings.

STO Search & Filter aims to updates their listings within 24 hours after public notification of offering changes. The website is a communication bridge between the crypto industry and clients to maintain the conversation within asset tokenization and securities community.

The company strives to educate and inform people about innovative projects and provide investors with information to make well-planned decisions.

STO Search & Filter recently has launched their agency listing directory to help connect clients, professionals, and agencies to help with management and asset tokenization.

A relevant and reliable resource for STO investors. The website includes over 25 offerings and is a key player in publishing industry news articles.

In addition, the platform includes a knowledge base “Securities 101” for those new to the digital securities space. The team welcomes new STO issuers to post offering information about their new project.

STO Analytics

The second largest online STO listing platform. As of December 11, 2018, it includes information about 54 projects. You are able to filter them by category, industry, sale date, and status. Moreover, you are able to read the latest STO news and learn some theoretical questions if you do not know much about it. Also, the team welcomes the STO launchers to post the data about their new project.

STO Scope

The main purpose of the platforms is to share the information about the security token offering projects. At the moment, its database includes 39 projects. They are all divided into categories, industries, statuses, asset classes, and token rights. In addition, the visitor can sort the projects out by countries of origin. The platform is reliable and provides info about the most known offerings. Also, the team works hard to expand the amount of included projects.

Token Security Network

Large and reliable platform containing 48 security token offering projects. In addition, the website contains a quite rich knowledge base with theory, history of industry and its perspectives, as well as the STO ecosystem. Moreover, you are able to read the latest industry news. Also, the team is doing the best to add the new STOs into the database.

Token Market

The online platform which includes the database of 24 current and 7 past security token offerings. However, they do not have a filter to sort them out. Anyways, the team provides the actual and updated information. Additionally, it contains some knowledge base to help the investors to make the right decision.


Not that big but reliable resource including the database of 15 security token offering projects. The amount is regularly expanding. The search system has a convenient filter. It allows sorting the STOs out by industry and asset class. New STOs are warmly welcome to be added to the platform.

STO Dates

Another big and reliable platform which provides the database of the best and most known security token offerings. The list is filtered on active and upcoming events. At the moment. The database contains 12 active and 19 upcoming STOs. The STO investors will find a lot of useful materials to help them to make the right decision. Moreover, the new projects are free to be included in the database.

STO Updates


STO Search & Filter, despite is the youngest project, already provides the largest database including more than 80 STOs from different counties in the world. Also, it provides the widest knowledge base and regularly updates its listing.

Welcome to STO Search & Filter!