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Every Blockchain Startup’s Guide To Growth Hacking – What to Know

  • Growth hacking allows startups to secure investment and grow their users in a highly competitive environment
  • For limited budget, it eliminates the need for costly loans
  • An effective growth hacking strategy is based on the three components of content marketing, data, and testing

In recent years, the blockchain industry has become more competitive, with thousands of startups and multinational companies looking to capitalize on innovative technology. 

When you combine a great idea with a meaningful purpose, there’s no telling what kind of rapid and widespread change can be brought about by blockchain technology. The startup scene in the blockchain industry, however, is especially competitive because there are thousands of rival companies that are each vying for a limited pool of investment. 

The all-too-common dilemma of sourcing capital has seen hundreds of great ideas put aside and dropped in the pursuit of revolutionizing the world with blockchain technology. While it may be heartbreaking to go through months or years of hard work only to end up not having the necessary support for a proper launch, growth hacking may be the solution every blockchain startup needs. 

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is commonly defined as a method that any type of startup can use to enhance its overall visibility in the industry while encouraging more people to use its product or service. 

With the help of optimization, analytics, content marketing and automated marketing, startups can easily attract attention and create intrigue with minimal budget to essentially “hack” growth in the process. Generally speaking, growth hacking is done by a specialist growth hacker who is equipped to use creative, low-cost strategies to: 

  • Grow a startup’s community
  • Improve the credibility and reputation of the startup itself
  • Gain new customers or patrons and retain them for the long run
  • Generate more brand awareness

For the blockchain industry in particular, growth hacking has been shown to be immensely effective in terms of cultivating high activity taking place within it. Growth hacking has provided numerous blockchain startups with the leverage that they need to hit the ground running and produce the best applications of this revolutionary technology. In an industry that thrives on capital, growth hacking is essential to help startups survive in the long run. 

The key to effective growth hacking

While there are various components that go into a growth hacking strategy, there are three that are essential for success: content marketing, data, and testing. Often referred to as the cornerstones of growth hacking, know that data, testing, and content marketing work to ensure that a startup’s efforts are fruitful by each making their contributions towards a well-rounded strategy. 

Is there a one-size-fits-all strategy for growth hacking?

Growth hacking, to put it simply, does not have a single strategy that works for every blockchain startup seeking effective pool financing. Depending on what the blockchain product does, who the audience is, and what resources are available, every growth hacking attempt is unique and tailored to a startup’s needs. 

Final words

With the help of a proper growth hacking strategy, any blockchain startup with a great idea can get full financial support without having to rely on loans or any other sort of financial assistance. Should you find yourself in need of a push in the right direction with your startup, try growth hacking today! 

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